ESAX Airdrop

 ESAX  Airdrop
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Hurry up to fill your entries for our airdrop camping which starts on 18.09.2019. By joining Ganza Trade Airdrop you will get free 15 GFT. Yo u can use these coins on our wallets on exchange.
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��Easy Task with Easy Money 
  • 1. Start the ESAX Airdrop Bot
  • 2. Join their Telegram group and channel (Mandatory: 400 ESAX)
  • 3. Follow their Twitter, like, retweet and comment on post1, post2 (Mandatory: 400 ESAX)
  • 4. Like their Facebook, like and share this post (Mandatory: 400 ESAX)
  • 5. Follow their LinkedIn (Mandatory: 400 ESAX)
  • 6. Follow their Instagram (Mandatory: 400 ESAX)
  • 7.πŸ”˜ Follow their Reddit (Mandatory: 400 ESAX)
  • 8. Submit your details to the airdrop bot.
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