CometX Airdrop $n/a

CometX (CXO) is part of the Comet14 project, aimed at built large community in the world cryptocurrency, cometX can be owned for everyone. The idea was Create an approved digital token that can be used as a currency, representative asset, virtual sharing, proof of membership, or whatever. This token uses the standard coin API so your contract will automatically be compatible with any wallet.Distribution of Airdrop tokens is planned for November 1.
🎁 Get 1,000 CXO = (~$ N/a) .
πŸ‘₯ +500 CXO per referral.
🚦 Website:
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  • �� Easy Task with Easy Money.

  • 1. Start chatting with the CometX Telegram Bot
    2. Complete the social media tasks
    3. Submit your details to the Bot to complete the airdrop
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