Snow Airdrop $??

SNOW is a newly launched ERC20 Token and has a 1% MELT rate. This means each transaction that takes place on the Ethereum Blockchain has 1% of it destroyed. This reduces the amount of SNOW tokens in existence with every use, making the token rarer as adoption increases. No new SNOW will ever be created so the supply of tokens decreases naturally over time.

🎁 Earn random amounts of SNOW ($n/a)

+Earn extra raffles per referral to earn more SNOW

πŸ€– Join Airdrop: Signup Here

�� Easy Task with Easy Money

1. Submit your ETH-address to signup
2. Login to dashboard and click on 'Airdrop' in menu
3. Play the 'raffle' and repeat this every day
4. There are more ways to earn SNOW. To find out you have to select 'Earn' in the top-menu.
5. Join are Telegram Channel to get the Latest Airdrops