Huobi Wallet Airdrop

 Huobi Wallet 
Huobi Wallet is airdropping a total of 188 LTC as a part of their 1 year anniversary celebrations. Community members will get LTC for completing easy social tasks.Huobi Wallet is a professional Multi-chain light wallet developed by Huobi Group where the users have full control over their assets since they manage their own private keys.
🎁 Get up to $10 worth of Litecoin(on Sept 30th)
πŸ‘₯ No Referral Bonus
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�� Easy Task with Easy Money

1. Visit the Huobi Wallet Airdrop form.
2. Follow them on Twitter, Retweet this Tweet and tag 5 five friends.
3. Download Huobi Wallet and create a LTC address for receiving LTC.
4. Submit your details in the Airdrop form.
5. Join are Telegram Channel to get the Latest Airdrops.