Freelanex $29

Freelanex - Where the blockchain meets freelancer needs.
It represents a unique opportunity for approaching bargains by using a decentralized System with smart contracts, through an user-friendly interface. Freelanex introduces a pellucid and trustworthy transactions system and the employee protection rights protects the freelancers from fraudulent and unprincipled practices – a hence win-win situation on both ends.
🎁 Get 7,350 FLX = (~$29)
πŸ‘₯ +500 FLX per referral  .
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�� Easy Task with Easy Money
Mandatory tasks (3,600 FLX)
1. Start the Telegram Bot
2. Join their Telegram Group and Channel .
3. Follow them on Twitter.
4. Like their Facebook.
5. Submit details from mandatory tasks to the Bot (click the several buttons in the Bot and submit details).

Optional tasks (3,750 FLX)
6. Follow them on Reddit
7. Follow them on LinkedIn.
8. Follow their Medium.
9. Subscribe YouTube.
10. Submit details from optional tasks to this form.
11. Join Moondrops Channel to get the Latest Airdrops.