Dalong Wallet ($8)

  Dalong Wallet
Dalong Wallet is Decentralized Secure Wallet including BTC/ETH/EOS/TRX/VSYS, Multi-chain DApp Browser, Cross-chain Instant Exchange Network.
🎁 Get 1,000 DLT tokens ($8.5). 
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�� Easy Task with Easy Money

1. Visit the Dalong Wallet Airdrop form. 
2. Visit the Dalong Wallet Official Website & Download the latest Application.
3. Open the App and go to the 'Wallet' tab and create an Ethereun wallet. 
4. Go to 'Profile' tab -> Open 'Invite Friends'-> Check your Invitation Code.
5. Join Dalong Wallet on Telegram
6. Follow Dalong Wallet on Twitter.
7. Fill out the Airdrop form with your details. 
8. Join are Telegram Channel to get the Latest Airdrops.