TronLink Wallet App

TronLink is the first wallet released by TRON’s official website and it is supported by TRON Foundation, committed to design the most secure and user-friendly exclusive TRON wallet for TRON supporters and TRX holders.

🎁 Get 300 Credits = ($?) 
👥 +300 Credits per referral

�� Step by Step Guide

1. Download Tron Link Wallet or App, Ios
2. Create an account
3. Enter your name and password
4. Backup Mnemonic
5. Click " ME "
6. Click Friend invitation
7. Click Claim rewards
8. Enter code Reffral "kavr"
9. Join Moon airdrop Telegram Channel (Optional)

* You need invitation to claim your reward.
warning-icon-1-24x24 Note: Airdrops Are Free, Don't pay for it.