Creatory Network 252 XCR

Creatory Network
Creatory Network is the first cryptocurrency for creator, partner, freelancer in the world. Soon to be integrated into a systematic, exchange, donated.

🎁 Get 252 XCR ($n/a)
πŸ‘₯ +100 XCR per referral

πŸ€– Join Airdrop: Airdrop Link

�� Step by Step Guide

1. Enter your ERC20 adress

2. Like and Follow FB page

3. Rettwet and Follow Twitter

4. Join Telegram Group

5. Join Telegram Partner

6. Create a YouTube video about XRC (opsional)

7. Join selfdrop (optional)

8. Share your reffral link

9. Join Moon airdrop Telegram Channel (Optional)

warning-icon-1-24x24 Note: Airdrops Are Free, Don't pay for it.