Baztoken Round 2

BAZ is a new generation ERC20 deflationary currency that prevents against financial manipulation and market volatility with several real-life use cases. BAZ is rare not only in its deflationary mechanism but limited number of tokens supply and fair distribution

🎁Get 30 BAZ = $2.4 
πŸ‘₯ +5 BAZ per referral

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�� Step by Step Guide

1. Join Baztoken official Telegram group & Channel. (+10 Tokens) 
2. Follow Baztoken Official Twitter page and team‘s Twitter. (+10 Tokens)
3. Join our Advertisers Channel. (Optional, +10 Tokens)
4. Submit your ETH address and details. 
5. Join Moon airdrop Telegram Channel (Optional)

*BAZ tokens Already listed on Ddex Exchange.
warning-icon-1-24x24 Note: Airdrops Are Free, Don't pay for it.