Upbit Exchange referral program get 50 ICX (~15$) already trading on upbit.

UpBit Indonesia started a referral program where you can get 50 ICX (~15$) for each user you refer to their platform. The duration of the campaign is from 16:00 15th Jul 2019 ~ 23:59 31st Jul 2019. You can earn up to 5.000 ICX (~1500$). Total 495,000 ICX for this promotion. First come first serve basis.

👥 get 50 ICX (~15$) for each user you refer to their platform

�� Easy Task with Easy Money 

1. Register on Upbit's Website 
2. Use our referral code U59760
3. Do KYC and get Verification level 2 
4. Invite your friends using their referral program and get 50 ICX for each successful invited person (up to 5.000 ICX)
5. Don't to Forget to Follow us on Telegram to get the Latest Airdrop

After you get verified you can sell your ICX token on their exchange site.