New Airdrop: Netbox Browser Get Up to 40 NBX [$16]

Get paid to surf! The first decentralized web browser with integrated blockchain node. Includes Netbox.Wallet, which is credited with rewards for browser usage!

🎁 Get Up to 40 NBX [$16] 
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πŸŒ€ 1 NBX = $0.40

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�� Easy Task with Easy Money 

1. Join their Telegram (Mandatory: 6 NBX)
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3. Follow their Medium(Optional: 4 NBX)
4. Complete the other optional tasks on the bot. (Up to 4 NBX)
5. Download the Netbox Browser and create an account. (Mandatory: 20 NBX)
6. Submit your details to the bot, using the same email address that you have used when registering an account on the Netbox Browser.
7. Last Don't Forget to Join are Telegram Channel

πŸ”΄ 20 NBX for downloading and registering an account on the browser will be credited to your account immediately and they will not be shown on your bot's balance. The remai