New Airdrop JAPAN BRAND COIN Claim 500 NJBC (~10$)

Embracing the Space Between Us An Innovative Platform by Japan Brand Coin JBcoin Ticker symbol:NJBC Fighting! JBcoin! 

🎁 Claim 500 NJBC (~10$)
πŸ‘₯ Earn additional 1000 (NJBC) (~20$) per ref 50 (NJBC)
🎁 Website:

�� Easy Task with Easy Money 

1. Start Japan Brand Coin telegram bot and follow instructions listed there (also described below)
2. Follow Japan Brand Coin Telegram
3. Follow Japan Brand Coin Twitter4. Like and make retweet of any post in Japan Brand Coin Twitter
5. Submit your e-mail in telegram bot
6. Have an account/register at LATOKEN with Tier 2 verification using the same e-mail
7. Invite up to 20 friends using telegram bot to get 50 NJBC (~$1) for each