DYNAMITE (DYNMT) 2nd Round Airdrop is live

πŸš€DYNAMITE Token Airdrop (DYNMT) (Round 2)
A deflationary decentralized value store based on the ethereum blockchain. 

🎁 175.000 DYNMT will be divided to all the participants (example 175000/3000=58 per participants)
πŸ‘₯ Ref + 5 DYNMT
🚦 Rating: Good (high potential)

How to join:
- Click here to open the Airdrop Google form

�� Easy Task with Easy Money 

1. Follow DYNAMITE Token official twitter.
2. Make a Positive Comment, Like and Re-tweet "Airdrop Tweet".
3. Join DYNAMITE Token official telegram, take a screenshot of the telegram channel and upload to this form.
4. Submit your details to this form

Additional information:
- The best exploding currency ever
- Only 900, 000 maximum supply
- Team tokens are locked

- One Dynamit (DYNMT) is transferred at a time, 2% of the process explodes.
There will be 3 Airdrop rounds in total. First round 100,000 tokens to 2,000 participants. A similar project (Bomb Token) was listed on CMC end of May and currently has a value of ~$10.50