AnimalGo (GOM) is giving away 75 GOm worth ($3)

AnimalGo (GOM)
GOM is a token used in the ecosystem that is based on a reward SNS app for pets and partners called AnimalGo.

🎁 Get 75 free GOM [$3] 
👥 +25 GOM for every referral 

�� Easy Task with Easy Money 

1. Register on Idax website + Verify your email
2. Join Telegram group + Take a screenshot
4. Use the code "" in referral code field
5. Upload Screenshot
6. Answer Quiz:

*What is Animal Go?
 Answer: Reward-type pet community APP

*Which of the following services does the Animal Go APP offer?    
 Answer: Analyze the pedigree, defecate, age and emotion of pets 

*What is the total issue of GOM?   
 Answer: 10 Billion

*When will GOM start Aurora subscription at IDAX?    
 Answer: 31st July

*What is the total amount of GOM Aurora subscriptions?      
 Answer: 4 Million

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