BITHER Bounty program get free up to 25 BTR ($62.5) per round

 Bither Airdrop

If you remember Raiblock Faucet now (NANO Coin) this is same like Bither Faucet.
Distribution will stop when limit reach, almost (75% left) Hurry
Join now and clam you bither ever 2 hours

🎁 Free up to 25 BTR ($62.5) per round
👥 Ref +25% of Referral earnings
🚦 Rating: Very Good, very easy money (every 2 hou rs)
💲 ICO price 1 ETH = 100 BTR 

How to join:
🤖 Click here for 
the Bither faucet  
🔹Check the dashboard menu for several tasks

Aditonal Info
The dripping distribution faucet is designed to introduce users to the
Bither Platform network features, at the beginning of the distribution, 
700,000 tokens will be stored in a wallet called faucet wallet.